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Seriously who doesn’t enjoy a little me time???   I had been to Emilka before I was pregnant and decided to return while I was visiting family with my 2 yr old son.  I figured since I don’t have the help in NJ I had better take advantage while away.  What a wise decision!!  She does not disappoint.  It was exactly what I needed.  A warm table to lay on with nothing but peace and tranquility.
I thoroughly enjoyed my deep cleansing facial and the Level 2 peel which absolutely made my skin glow brighter than pregnancy glow.  My skin has really never felt cleaner, more refreshed and smoother.   I love that the Spa is so personalized and not generalized as in a lot of large scale salons/spas.  Emilka is so warm and personable and also very knowledgeable and who doesn’t love a baby bump!!!!    Looking forward to my next visit so I can book more services.  I love the free parking too!!  It’s the little thing in life!

Monica R, 1/28/2015, Randolph, NJ yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo



I’ve been seeing Emilka since 2012 and have always been satisfied!  She’s a great wellness coach who gives me the best advice when it comes to my health.  I can always rely on her detox wraps and cleanses to give me the results I want when it comes to weight loss.  She is encouraging, supportive, responsive, and considerate to all of my (your) needs.

Her spa is comfortable and clean which makes every experience enjoyable.  I can always count on a relaxing session every time I visit.  I highly recommend her!

Jen A, 1/26/2015, Dublin, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


I started wellness program with Emilka in June.  I love her facial and detox wrap.  I had customized facial with her and she always does a great job.

She has been helping me with diet program.  I love to eat so it is hard for me but she is very encouraging.  I lost 6 lbs a month after I started even though I did not follow well in the program (I cheated quite often).  My arms, and tummy are smaller.  This is the first time in years that I lost some lbs (I had tried every thing in the past 10 years).   With my work environment where there are plenty of food and potluck weekly.  She keeps me focus.  Thank you so much for your help.

Tips: by joining the program,you also get a good deal on the detox wrap and facial.

Nida S, 7/8/2014, San Mateo, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


I have been going to see Emilka since she was in the city.  I now see her at her San Mateo location, and let me just say that I LOVE MY DETOX TIME!  Relaxing on her warm table in a calming atmosphere is the highlight of my day.

Emilka helped me through a really rough diet/nutrition point in my life, and her detox/nutrition plan made a world of a difference for me!  I now go to her for maintenance wraps and do the detox about 3 times/year.  It has helped me feel so much better both physically and emotionally.

Her prices are fair and her membership is a great deal!  Thanks for great work, Emilka!  Ladies, you definitely need to check her out if you are having diet/nutrition guidance, have hit a plateau, or just want to relax 🙂

One thing I do wish was offered here would be massage therapy…just a hint if she ever decides to expand her biz 😉

Erin C, 4/22/2014, Milbrae, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


Emilka is outstanding! Her sweet and genuine personality is matched by her expertise, attention to detail, professionalism, and thoughtfulness.

Her facials are relaxing and blissful, and afterwards, my skin looks great and feels rejuvenated! Her studio is lovely, spacious, and peaceful.

Emilka takes enormous pride in her work, and she knows how to make your skin glow.  She treats you very well, always goes above and beyond, and takes her time and really focuses on your individual skin care needs.

Your skin deserves to be introduced to the talented Emilka!

Angela L, 4/14/2014, Menlo Park, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo

Emilka is absolutely amazing.  She has created her new space with a gorgeous harmony of warmth and beauty.  Couple that energy with her *incredible* expertise and ability to listen to client needs, Emilka (and La Estetica) is a total class act.  In the time I have been receiving services, my skin looks and feels exponentially better.  Emilka knows all the products, and how to balance them for each individual.  … I look forward to every appointment.  5 stars, without a doubt!

Kerrin M, 1/29/2014, San Francisco, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


Seeing Emilka is always a gentle and renewed sense of relaxation, and my skin has never felt better. It’s been a little over a year since my first visit with Emilka for a Detox Body Wrap treatment, and am now seeing her for facials. I recommend Emilka to anyone who would like to look great. She is a very skilled professional that takes into consideration, not only the products that she uses, but most importantly, your whole lifestyle. She provides you an advice that, if followed, serves you well for a long time. You can tell that she truly loves what she does and that she takes pride in the improvements she sees in her clients.

Valerie F, 1/6/2014, San Francisco, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


My husband had his first wrap in January. He tried to get me to make an appointment for myself then as well, but I was skeptical. I didn’t think there were any real benefits to body wraps other than water loss. Then I saw my husband’s results. A week after his wrap, he still looked amazing. His midsection was noticeably tighter and he had increased energy. So, I went in for my first wrap last month. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I was blown away by my results. I noticed overall tightening in my body. I also felt more energized. For the 3 days after the wrap, you have to avoid food like red meat, refined sugar, white flour, caffeine, and alcohol.I thought it would be difficult but after those 3 days, I found I did not want those things in my diet anymore. So, this wrap also helped me kick start a healthier lifestyle. The wrap begins with exfoliation, followed by application of the detox cream, then you are wrapped with Saran wrap like plastic before being tucked under warm comfy blankets. About an hour later, your therapist removes the wrap and takes off any extra cream but leaves some on your skin to continue the detoxifying effects. They remind you to drinks lots of water to help flush those toxins out of your body. I would recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to tighten up, detox, or looking for that extra push to make a change in your health for the better. Emilka and Sharon did our wraps and they are very knowledgable. The experience was relaxing and I look forward to coming in every month. They have a wellness program for clients who come in frequently every 4-8 weeks for wraps, massages, or facials.

Rachel B, 3/13/2013, Sacramento, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


Fantastic place. Emilka does a great job minimizing pain during waxes. Highly recommend.

Altiz M, 9/22/2013 New York, NY yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


I recommend Emilka to anyone who would like to look great. I consider her to be a very skilled beautician that takes into consideration not only the products that she uses, but most importantly, your whole life style. That said, she gives you an advice that, if followed, serves you well for a long time. You can tell that she truly loves what she does and that she takes pride in the improvements she sees in her clients. I typically follow Emilka’s advice about type of treatment I should have. Every facial that she has proposed worked well for me. I also enjoyed the body wrap that detoxified my body and made me loose few pounds within a week (after following Emilka’s advice to avoid alcohol, caffeine, red meat, sugar and white flour and drink lots of water). At the end of each visit with Emilka I felt so relaxed that I fell to sleep. I also buy my daily use products from Emilka as she knows the needs of my completion and can recommend products that prolong the effects of her magic treatments. In summary, I recommend Emilka for facial, body wrap, complete relaxation and life style/nutrition advice.

AB.N, 8/31/2013,  San Jose, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo

I have been seeing Emilka for facials for several years now (see my previous review under Spa Belle Vie). I am thrilled that her new location is now much closer to my home, so I can go more often! The new place is wonderful. The room is large, peaceful,  and there is free parking underneath the spa.

Emilka is amazing! She is very conscientious, and always goes the extra mile. At my last facial, she noticed that my hands were dry (I work in a lab and so all of that extra hand-washing is rough) and so she immediately, performed a moisturizing treatment.
She always knows the right combinations of treatments to make me look and feel my best. She uses only the best products and she is always up to date on the newest technologies. Not only is Emilka, extremely skilled, but she is very caring and friendly.

I am a busy working mom, and it’s pure heaven to come in once and a while and just relax!

Trinna C, 2/3/2014, San Francisco, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


I took my sister here for Spa Day for her birthday. Emilka got us checked in. We filled out the paperwork which only took a minute. **Side note: It’s all important health information that you WANT your Estheticians to know. Just do it…it’s not painful, I promise** Emilka did my facial first while my sister got her massage. I fell asleep during my facial it was so relaxing! Didn’t even feel the extractions. Woo hoo!  My skin was so incredibly soft and smooth. I ended up buying the two Darphin products she used- the serum and face moisturizer. I’ve been using them for a week now and my skin STILL feels amazing! I joined their Wellness Program because I have skin issues I need to fix and it’s a great discount. For my first time at Spa Belle Vie, it was a success. My sister enjoyed her buttday present and I found my new Spa. Yay!! Thank you Yelp for helping me find it!

Elena P, 10/27/2012, San Francisco, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


Amazing experience!  I joined their wellness program.  Pretty much you visit the spa every 4-6 weeks for a treatment (detox wrap, facial or massage) and each of your treatment is priced at $75 which is great! I had my first detox wrap and facial by Emilka and it was remarkable.  I spent 1.5 hours in this spa.  I was so relaxed that I ended up dozing off  for a good half hour.  Emilka was very helpful and pleasant to work with. I hate to say this but man this detox wrap really worked.  I was thin for a good week or so.  Perfect for an event.  I felt that the wrap took out all the toxins and water weight out!  Definitely worth it!!  I felt great!   See ya in 4 weeks Emilka!

Ying F, 5/2/2012, South San Francisco, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


This was my second experience with a facial (first experience with a different salon) and I liked it.  Emilka was very informative and funny.  The facial was great and so was the body wrap (which was my first time), not sure how effective the wrap is unless you do it often or in conjuction with exercise, cleansing/detox, etc., but I will definitely try it again.  The place is clean and nice and I felt very comfortable there.

B A, 8/30/2013, Napa, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo


I have been Emilka’s client for almost 2 years now and I keep coming back to her. I tried different estheticians over the years, but Emilka is the best. She is very personable and listen to your needs and finds perfect treatments. Their spa also cares great skin care lines that I have been using for almost 2 years now and my skin never looked better. They also offer detox treatments, weight management, massages and amazing body wraps. Come check it out for yourself and I guarantee you will stay her client for years Ksenia J, 12/1/2012, San Francisco, CA Sharon and Emilka – were such a great set of folks to get a facial from – they understand the holistic approach/ the natural way of taking care of your skin and body… I am hooked 🙂 They accomodate and also advise above and beyond what you have paid for – they really want people to take care of their bodies. I would like to continue to market her – if you go tell them Dhwipa sent you – you might just get a special extra attention – I loved them and honestly I am overly picky when it comes to facials and taking care of my skin… way to go Sharon and I wish you the very best with your new spa

Dwhipa P, 2/1/2011, San Francisco, CA yelp-5-stars-review-la-estetica-wellnes-day-spa-san-mateo