La Estetica – San Mateo Spa Packages
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Customized Facial + Detox Wrap This is the perfect use of your time: two treatments within 75min!
While detoxifying body in a wrap for an hour, try our customized facial that will leave your skin clean, refreshed and glowing for days.
Detox Wrap + 1/2h Massage Best of both words! Let us put you in complete relaxation.

Both treatments are known as great way to stimulate the lymphatic system to release toxins and increase circulation.
- Prior detox wrap your body will be exfoliated to help remove environmental toxins, cream/oils, and dead skin cells for maximum absorption of the Body Contour Cream. Than you will be wrapped evenly with plastic wrap for 60 pampering minutes.
- 1/2h massage will mainly be focused on: neck, shoulders, hands and arms
- Excellent way to fully relax
- Inches lost are result of toxic waste being drawn from the tissues
- This is not a water loss treatment; the inches lost are more permanent when followed up with healthy eating, stress management and daily exercise
Mommy and Me Pckg Designed for Moms and Dads to relax with their kids to enjoy time together because the health benefits of facials aren't just for grown ups! 

- Mom/Dad- mini quick pick me up facial. Double deep cleansing, brightening enzyme to lift up dead skin, hydrating or lifting face mask. Eye treatment, serum, face cream, SPF. - Child- Teenager Facial
Customized Facial + Eyebrow Wax and shape Refresh your look with our customized facial combined with an eyebrow wax and shape.Customized Facial to correct, nourish and bring radiance to your skin; eye brown wax to share eye area. $149
Detox 101 Pckg - 1 Detox Slimming Body Wraps
- Detox Kit supplements
- 15 min wellness consultation ($50 value)
New You Pckg - 1 Detox Slimming Body Wrap ($115)
- 1 Brightening Enzyme Peel ($80)
- 15 min wellness consultation ($50 value)
(all treatments can be done durning same time)
Slim Me Now Pckg - 3 Detox Slimming Body Wraps
- 1 Brightening Enzyme Peel
- 15 min wellness consultation ($50 value)

Each service NEED to be book every 7 days for optimal results. Cannot be share with other people. $515 value
Detox Slimming Wrap- series of 5 $590
RevitaPen Infusion- series of 5 $775
RevitaPen Infusion- series of 3 $460
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