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Detox Slimming Wrap If you are under a Doctor’s care it makes sense always to ask him/her before trying something new. People with heart conditions (specifically conditions requiring coumadin), epilepsy, that have had cancer that is not in remission or in remission less than a year, or are pregnant or nursing should NOT be wrapped.
- DO drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces 1-2 days prior to receiving your body wrap (Example: weight = 120lbs, drink at least 60oz. of water per day. Continue that habit for max results.
- DO start taking CELL-U-RID at least one week prior to starting wrap series. (optional supplement)
- DO use MAINTAIN cream every day after a shower. (optional anti-cellulite lotion)
- DO body exfoliation at home at least 3 times a week to help with circulation.
- DO ensure (if you are sensitive to niacin) that you are not using any tanning creams, or vitamins that contain Niacin (Vitamin B3) 2-3 days prior to wrap.
- DO consider internal detoxification program to enhance cellulite and inch loss.

DON’T allow yourself to be wrapped if you: have a heart condition (specifically conditions requiring coumadin), epilepsy, have had cancer that is not in remission, or are pregnant or nursing. If you are a smoker, you must refrain from smoking for at least 3 days after having a detox wrap.
- DON’T have caffeine, alcohol, red meat, refined sugar, white flour, and carbonated drinks the day of the wrap and for 3 days after. Refrain as long as possible or keep to a minimum as these add toxins back into the body.
- DON’T use a lotion/creams on your body the day of your wrap.
- DON’T shave the day of your wrap.
- DON’T shower or exercise for 6 hours after receiving the wrap. This allows the cream to fully penetrate.
Detoxification Programs Some of our programs:
- 7 days body cleanse
- 11 detox day program
- weight lost program
- 30 and 60 day candida program

How our M’lis Detoxification compare to master Cleanse?
M’lis Detoxification
1) Lemon mixture provides necessary vitamins, minerals, calories for the body needs
2) Instead of laxatives, we use clove which is in the Cleanse supplement that naturally cleanses the organs (liver, kidneys, bowels and skin)
3) No laxatives
4) Eliminates toxins built up in the connective tissues and encourages healthy bowel movements
5) Restore the colon
5) Weight loss will be permanent when following healthy eating and exercise after the program

Master Cleanse:
1) Uses cayenne pepper, which is an inflammatory
2) Up to 12 days you detoxify while taking laxatives to cleanse the colon
3) Weight loss is temporary
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How our M’lis Detox Wrap compare to others?

M’lis detox slimming wrap:
1) 100% natural, herbal wrap with Vitamin B3
2) Formula was developed by a bio-chemist from the UCLA Medical center to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients suffering from diabetes or any disease that inhibited circulation
3) No preservatives, fillers or artificial fragrances
4) Encourages lymphatic system to flush toxins out of the body
5) Detoxifies connective tissues
6) hydrates the skin, provides lasting inch loss

IT WORKS wrap:
1) Targets only one area at a time
2) Temporary results
3) Can be dehydrating to the skin

1) Caffeine- dehydrates the skin
2) Inches come back as soon as you drink liquids

1) Seaweed and peppermint- are detoxing however don’t promote inches lost
2) Ace bandages are used and reused on other clients and leave an unpleasant odor

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