Skin Care Basics- How Probiotics Can Help Acne
Posted on March 28, 2016 in skin care, Wellness
yoghurt for breakfast

It may be seem counter intuitive to be talking about probiotics if you are suffering from acne; however, that is exactly what you should be thinking about. This article delves into the world of probiotics and how they can improve your skin’s condition.


Many people do not realize how important a healthy digestive tract is to every system in the body, including the skin. The digestive tract is responsible for processing the foods you eat, breaking down those food into usable nutrients, transporting those nutrients to other systems in the body and eliminating the remaining waste. When the body does not receive the proper nutrients and rid itself of waste, skin issues can occur. These skin problems include inflammation, redness and acne. Eat a healthy diet and use probiotics to help your digestive tract function optimally.


Probiotics are live bacteria that is used in digestion. These live bacteria not only help digest food, but work to destroy foreign invaders (bacteria, fungi and viruses) from the body. Probiotics can be take as dietary supplements or can be found in found such as yogurt.

 yoghurt for breakfast


The intestinal tract contains both good and bad bacteria. There are numerous things that can affect the balance of the intestinal tract, including illness, antibiotic usage and toxins. Probiotics help boost of the good bacteria so it can fight off infections.

Have you ever noticed that when you are sick your skin shows it? Oftentimes the illness causes acne outbreaks. Taking a probiotics can help prevent outbreaks from occurring when you are feeling ill. Are you looking for a natural way to help improve your acne? If so, look no further than probiotics. This natural treatment helps destroy bad bacteria in the body, allow good bacteria to multiply and keep your skin looking bright and healthy. Begin using probiotics today and see how quickly your skin will clear up.



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