Asian Skin Differency – How Does It Compare To Caucasian Skin?
Posted on August 9, 2016 in skin care

One thing for sure is the whiter your skin, the easier it is to see those skin blemishes, freckles, age spots, etc. Any skin imperfections are going to show up much easier on lighter skin. Asian people seem to have such beautiful skin, don’t they? Is it something that comes naturally, or does it have to do with their diet and lifestyle as a culture? I’d say it’s a little bit of both, but no doubt Asian skin does appear naturally beautiful.

When learning about Asian skin differency, it’s also important to realize that there are definitely skin conditions that Asian people do have to deal with quite often than Caucasian people don’t.

For starters, while many Caucasian people do deal with oily skin, it’s a fact that Asian people on average have oilier skin. Did you know that?

Asians tend to have a thicker and denser dermal layer of the skin and there is a higher concentration of collagen, which means age-related skin changes are not as marked as Caucasians. Asians have a tendency to look younger than their real age!

Asian people are a little more blessed when it comes to sun exposure, too. You see, Caucasian people often burn when they get in the sun for long periods of time, but Asian people tend to just get darker. As a Caucasian person, I echo the sentiment: Wouldn’t that be nice?

Asians as mentioned do have to deal with certain skin problems more than Caucasian people though, such as scars. They are more common in Asian people’s skin as it more sensitively to physical trauma. However, Asian skin definitely tends to look more youthful.

It’s interesting to know about Asian skin differency, but you must take care of your skin no matter what type of skin you have.

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