Reasons Why You May Need More Magnesium In Your Diet
Posted on March 21, 2016 in Uncategorized, Wellness
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Low levels of magnesium are recently known in various research circles as a silent epidemic. Many symptoms related to low magnesium are generally unique to a deficiency in magnesium which makes it very difficult to diagnose accurately. Therefore low levels of magnesium in many cases go untreated or unrecognized.
Even though a chronically low intake of this important mineral is not typically common, it is linked to a number of disease states that indicates that considerations are important for both the presence of specific diseases and overt types of physical symptoms when taking magnesium status in to consideration.


Symptoms Relating To Magnesium Deficiency


Magnesium is considered to be an extremely important ingredient in relation to a host of biochemical and body regulatory systems. The impact that relates to lowered levels of magnesium spreads to many areas of serious health issues. The symptoms related to this type of deficiency are typically broken down into two categories that include physical symptoms and the disease state linked to the deficiency.fatigue girl





Classic Types of Clinical Symptoms


The signs related to a physical deficiency are related to a physiological role and the impact on a balance that is healthy relating to other minerals such as potassium and calcium. Irregular types of heart rhythms, anxiety, seizures, cramps, muscle spasms and tics are all classic signs of a magnesium deficiency.




Latent Symptoms


The symptoms are often present but can be hidden by the inability in distinguishing their specific signs from the disease states. Usually caused by magnesium levels that are low or a low intake that is present in most of the industrialized nations, the symptoms can include chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, headaches and migraines. One of the main concerns relating to magnesium lowered levels is the link to diseases such as an osteoporosis, asthma or hypertension.

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