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Posted on November 23, 2015 in Techniques, Wellness
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The list of things we need to do everyday is endless. Work, family, school, social commitments. We end up being stressed; That is why we need to have a date with yourself and have “Me time”.

Below are some very easy ways to harvest positive routine and ritual – whether it’s 5 minutes, half an hour or even longer:

wellness-in-your-life-la-estetica1. Find a time. What is a realistic time for your new ritual? Morning, mid-day or evening?

2. Ask yourself a question – What brings me joy? Do I want to learn something new? What have I been wanting to call in?

3. Start small – choose one thing about your day that you can consistently make happen. Maybe that can be 15 min walk during the lunch break, cutting coffee consumption? Meditation? Calling your friend?

4. Put it on the calendar – actually put it on your calendar and honor your commitment. Treat it as a “date” with yourself.

5. If it falls away – be gentle. Either restart or try something new.

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